‫“‬If I were a woman , I would come to your classes every day!”

I have danced on and off with various teachers for more than 20 years and honestly Sahara is in a different league. She teaches with thorough attention to detail, breaking down the moves and explaining precisely which muscles are used, so we can perform the movements safely and accurately. Her vast experience draws on multiple influences and dance styles.
Most of all her work is infused with an innate understanding of feminine and goddess energy. Wonderful!

"Thank you Sahara! I have discovered in my body a longing for your movements. You have it all, femininity, knowledge, presence, maturity, power, softness and feminine power.
Thank you for your sharing your friendship and infiniiiiiiiiiiite talent."

Sahara is an amazing teacher, I came to her classes with back pain which improved with the work on the small and internal muscles. Sahara pays attention to the tiniest details, with an emphasis on warm-ups, stretching and yoga.
The atmosphere in the class is accompanied by lots of love, and the dance style is wonderful, mostly different, and varied

Dear Sahara! I came to you with my tired and drooping body about a year and a half ago. I just wanted to dance. It was a bright point of light at that moment in my life. YOU were a bright point of light at that moment in my life.
The process with you was, and still is; Healing for both my body and soul. I learned so much from you… You are a special and brave soul. Thankyou for everything!!!!

Sahara is an incredible dancer, performer, teacher and human! She makes and designs her own world-class costumes and choreographies and they are stunning and inspirational.
I highly recommend her as a teacher and performer.

Sahara is an amazing teacher! I was pretty nervous about joining a dance class, but her emotional intelligence and her inspiring energy, made me feel at home in a minute.
She puts so much love to her class and students and always pays attention we'll do only what keeps our body safe. I feel blessed to be her student:)

Beloved Sahara!
Thank you for who you are!
Amazing, professional, attentive, sensitive even to those who were not born dancers You are an amazing dancer, teacher and woman!
Everyone who gets to dance with you and learn from you will win.

Dear and beloved Sahara !! You are a dancer of supreme grace, a wonderful teacher full of energies of goodness and joy and I am so glad that I came straight to you !!! Love you very much

Sahara! I really i give you lots of credit for how Elish develops physically. Because the doctors warned me she might need some help and exercises-born pagit (premature), breach, C-section -everything wrong:) but she is Baruch Hashem doing really great, very aware of her body for her age i think. ( subjectively but also objectively when i see other babies her age). Even my sis who is a physiotherapist said she might get lots of it from the dance classes we took during pregnancy 🙂 so thank you for your care and sharing your arts and knowledge

It took me three years to regain control of my lower abdominal muscles, after they were cut during caesarean section. Three years of hard work and one @SaHaRaPiKSie that did not give up on me. How little does a person need to feel safe.
Just to be seen, but truly seen. One teacher who studied anatomy not because she had to, but because she understood how important it was.

“One of the most professional and influential dance instructors I have ever had. I have been studying with Sahara for over two years and am continually growing and perfecting my dance moves with her. She is a true inspiration!! Sahara is also an amazing performer and all-around most awesome person.”

I joined Sahara’s classes about six months ago.
I am a dance teacher myself, and a movement therapist. I would like to point out that before I joined Sahara’s classes I had a hard time regularly committing to dance classes after the birth of my second daughter. I mention this because in light of the feelings and emotions following a few classes I have committed to myself that I will not miss a single lesson! This is from the deep understanding of what these classes do for my body.
Beyond the sheer pleasure of moving the body and connecting to the special style that Sahara brings to the class, I do not know another Tribal Fusion-style dancer in Israel who can move her body in such a unique way.

As a therapist, I feel that her method has a deep connection to body and soul. Sahara brings an integrative technique of different movement methods to the lesson. A technique that strengthens the core muscles of the abdomen, and the pelvic floor muscles (which is so important especially for women, and especially for postpartum women!) Strengthens and improves the posture of the entire body. After the birth it took me a long time to get my body back to normal. Following a lesson once a week I can definitely say that I have reduced my circumferences, my posture is back to being more upright, my abdomen has really strengthened, and also my pelvic floor muscles (literally medically!).

In addition, the special and fun group of women s sisterhood built in the class and the amazing energies that Sahara brings with her make me start the week with energies of joy and a big smile. I highly recommend it

Sahara Piksie is my dance teacher . I honestly cannot say enough of how wonderful a teacher and person SAHARA PIKSIE is.
I have never known any dance are movement teacher to have as much expertise, patience, kindness and humbleness as Sahara!!! her classes are fun as we learn Tribal Fusion dance .
And her classes are also healing physically and emotionally! She's the best there is, and I love and I'm so appreciative of her !!! I highly and wholeheartedly recommend this dance teacher SAHARA PIKSIE 3>

Before pregnancy I had a strong, flat stomach. I danced during the whole pregnancy, right up until I could no longer. My muscles moved to make room for the uterus, and then they were cut and I could not even feel my lower abdomen. I had no control over my muscles, I could not contract or move them. I did secondary damage to myself as I continued to dance after the birth in the same way I had danced before, without addressing the massive changes my body had undergone. I had another teacher who had good intentions, but she did not really know what to do with me. In practice she actually caused me a disability that I am still dealing with now, 4.5 years later.
But this thread is about recovery and survival and determination, and about one teacher who studied anatomy not because she had to, but because she realized how important it was.
This thread is about my postpartum dysmorphia, the one that is still there, for which I find a remedy in the dance. Slowly bringing my muscles back to life.

I have been dancing with this magical being for 3 years. Year after year it gets even more fun. The classes are challenging, interesting, the combination of the world of dance and yoga, flamenco and other dance styles produce a unique experience that can not be found anywhere else. As part of the warm-up Sahara combines mattress work and yoga practice that have managed to free me more than once or twice from an overloaded lower back. I feel stronger, and more stable. We work a lot on strengthening the abdominal and core muscles and of course on the pelvic floor (and we all understand the importance of the subject. At any age) And most importantly, the amount of support and female empowerment we have together is insane!

Sahara is amazing and special! She combines styles together so you can learn a lot She teaches from the ground up and strengthens the core muscles so that the dance turns out the most beautiful there is And the classes are very fun!

Sahara is an amazing person and it is impossible not to fall in love with her in seconds. She is attentive to even the last of the non-dancers and leads them with a sure hand through the dance which is also training but mostly fun for the body and soul. The feeling is so good at the end of the dance that you want to continue.

One of the happiest and best things I have done for myself Every lesson I did with Sahara was a celebration of femininity, humor and movement. The great music, the magical space, the professionalism, the sensitivity and the uplifting and wonderful energy of Sahara, the combination of different dance techniques and styles, all made this hour and a half much more than a dance class. Highly recommended

I was privileged to be in Sahara’s beginners' workshops and it was a huge gift! For a long time I dreamed of learning this style. From the first moment of the lesson I dived straight into the magical space that Sahara creates, sweeping us all with her to dance deep both within and without.

I felt a reconnection to my body, to femininity, to movement, to feeling and to rhythm. So much fun to celebrate life and femininity with Tribal Dance.
Sahara - Huge thanks!

I have been studying with Sahara for 6 years, who in my opinion, is the leader in the country in tribal style and has vast knowledge in a wide variety of dance styles which she combines in classes so that we get to experience movements inspired by other styles. I feel that over the years with her of course I progressed in tribal but also got stronger physically, conquered mental challenges like the ability to dance in front of people, shyness, to take mess ups with a smile, learn to let go and more. Over the years I have danced alongside a variety of women, each completely different from the other and we have always found a connection and a common language. Sahara, she is an extraordinary woman. She is smart, a perfectionist, a super dancer, musical, creative but also funny to the point of silly, embracing, patient and has a real passion for what she does. I recommend for every woman to come and experience and to give yourself an hour and a half that are just for you.

The one and only Sahara. Lessons with her are so inspiring full of awesome vibes. Mixing dancing, yoga and pillatis is making the lessons perfect!!! I am grateful

I would like to recommend the wonderful Sahara Every time I observe your movement talent my heart misses a beat.
Your incredible sensitive ability to notice every movement, to know it in depth and to experience it with emotion makes you an amazing teacher.
Thank you, Bless you.

Sahara is a great teacher, performer and a lovely human being. I have been taking classes with her for 2 years and my skills have really improved. I like my group and it's really great to meet with the same people every week and just dance together. I love my Piksie power!!

Sahara is not only an amazing and mesmerizing dancer, but also a unique teacher. Sahara helped me show love to my sore and untrained body, to relax, to laugh and to let go. Her classes are attended by charming women who are, in themselves, part of the special experience . Highly recommended to any woman of any age who wants to connect to her femininity and power.

Wow i need to share this with u!!! Today i went to a therapist and we looked at the xray of my hip that they did recently and compared it with the one from january. And it seems that it improved thanx to the dancing so much that it's nearly back in place!! Thanx so much for ur healing energies and movements and ur amazing support. Can't wait for the next class.


Every Monday I wake up in a special mood ... For three months now I have been madly in love with my work - basically every morning I get up for this work - but I start every Monday with my teacher ... For me she is my maestra - a uniquely special person. The good energy that I come home with is just worth it all - thanks to my loyal Karma who always puts me in good places - and thanks to the amazing Sahara Piksie and because of her I am so
proud to write this as a status .. 🙂

From detoxification with Umina ~ June 2019
You brought (to the retreat) so much 'fun' beauty and joy.

You got me to dance and to experience pleasure and success. Besides this, you are a super "Unique" creature. You open hearts and influences with your great love. Just to fall in love with you and not to take our eyes off you for a moment.
You are a magnet which attracts good to more good!

Student Reviews of
"Arms & Hands Workshop"

SaHaRa PiKSie

Student experiences about
Sahara's lessons in Binyamina 2023

Nadya dancing Sahara’s Choreography
8 months pregnant

6 years ago I met you SaHaRa PiKSie

 I was fascinated by your dance at a festival..😻😺

 Your studio SaHaRa Studios ~ Jaffa has become my second home .. 😻

 How much we have gone through together .... we danced joy and pain .., breakups and love .., we celebrated birthdays .., we were excited about performances ... 🤩

 My technique has improved, my love for dance style has grown ..


 Feel enjoy this  video with choreography by Sahara Piksie that I learned on zoom! And connected to so much.


 It's fun to be able to dance with you in any situation of life..💜💛💜

 Love you💗💗💗

It is known, the tribal dance could help woman to get pregnant. After second lesson with Sahara I got 2 pink lines.
Yaaay! Lessons with her are fun, high professional, empowering women and she is just amazing teacher. I love her and I am looking forward to come back after baby will be born.

My Amazing story!

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