Hands & Arms technique workshop with Sahara!

Wednesday 15/3 19:30-21:30
Hands & Arms technique workshop with Sahara!
Location: Nia Studio – JaffaA workshop suitable for all levels – an opportunity to focus on all parts of the hand individually – fingers, wrist, elbow and shoulders – how they work alone and together.
We will do maintenance work to strengthen all the muscles of the arms, we will taste mudras
from Indian dance, Floreos from flamenco, we will learn movements like the lotus and the unique figure of eight tribal fusion style 🪷 arm pathways in different styles, snake arms and more… 🐍 we will also connect them to the pelvic movements of belly dance*places
Limited – price:
150 NIS via Bit, paybox or bank transfer 🤍
Or here via the app in 2 payments 170 NIS
Videos from previous  workshops for inspiration ❣️


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