What I have to share is for EVERYONE! – That means any age even if you are not in the best shape. Even if you feel like you have no coordination or zero experience! What you will need is a sense of humour, patience and commitment. At the very least; a yearning to gift yourself a deeper level of knowing and gratitude of your body which is your temple.

In one on one classes I will tailor the class to you whether you want to work on breathing techniques, yin yoga and gentle pilates combined with the healing properties of circular pelvic motions, or  perhaps you would like the challenge of foot patterns and movement layers to sharpen coordination and keep your brain young and agile.

Keep showing up if you want to see the improvements over time. Even if you believe you have no rhythm or musicality I promise I will show you how to open your ears, your body and your mind – it just takes practice!

You will need to figure out what works best for you- a group class or private sessions.

(I have students in their 70’s – some come to group classes to stay physically fit and enjoy the social aspects of class and some take privates to keep their minds sharp and agile and work on their individual goals. )

YES! I have cured myself of a serious spinal injury and lifelong carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive stress injury in the wrists)

My specialties include : helping people get out of back pain – assisting with posture – strengthening the core – working with pregnant mamas and also body restoration postpartum and healing after Caesarean sections.

(I have students who have avoided hip and leg surgeries through private classes with me and cured chronic lifelong back pain much to the surprise of their doctors!)

I encourage all my students to let me know of any injury-big or small before class. Whether it is a sprained ankle, tight neck muscles or even something emotional they may be going through. That way I can give you personalised modifications for any movement or pose and sometimes it inspires a spontaneous practice for the whole class!

Regardless of anything I say – Listen to your own body first! 

I encourage you to seek out the teacher that FEELS right for you first of all! My mission is to make sure that you learn how to dance CORRECTLY and SAFELY for the LONG TERM!

Be aware that there is a difference between being a wonderful performer and a wonderful instructor. It is actually rare to find someone who is both 😉 Some dancers I adore watching on stage, but their classes are “stand behind me and do what I do” which personally, just doesn’t do it for me. (I love to know which muscles are working and geek out on as much information and visualisations as I can gather!) Other dancers I do not find captivating on stage, but something they once said in a workshop 15 years ago stayed with me and changed my dancing forever! My favourite teachers have always given me truthful feedback,  been authentic, silly, highly intelligent and knowledgeable in dance and music history, , kind , generous, funny and always open to communication – I do my best to honour their legacy and this is what I strive for as a teacher.


I am often shocked when I attend other classes at how little attention most teachers pay to the wellbeing of their students’ bodies – especially joints, muscles, posture, spine, knees! etc. 

I have watched world class bellydancers force 70 year old women into backbends! Teach intense poses and hip movements without any warmup or 3 hour workshops with no cool down etc.. 

Most yoga teachers seem to give broad instructions and not many corrections or modifications for all the different body types and age ranges in their classroom which should be illegal in my opinion.

Please be aware of what I call “fast-food” certified teachers. I always trust a dancer with 20 years of experience with zero certifications who is present with every single student  rather than someone with multiple diplomas who gives general instructions as they walk around the room repeating cues like a parrot.

My true goal as a teacher is to raise students who far surpass my own achievements  – regardless, we will try to have lots of fun on the way 😉


I hold many certifications including “Integrated Dance Instructor” by Ashley Lopez, Phase I+II “Initiation & Cultivation” 8 Elements format Rachel Brice, “Diamonds“ by Zoe Jakes Dancecraft programme, “Invocation” Kami Liddle’s Krysalis and more. I have 18 years of experience under my belt including 12 years as a teacher. I have danced through injuries in my 20s, 30s and 40s so I do have a vast experience of what the body requires and is capable of at any age.


I am devoted to constantly exploring other dance forms especially flamenco and african dance and I am always studying and expanding my knowledge of body, anatomy, music, dance history and culture..

I try to make classes as fun for everyone as I possibly can while I attempt to push everyone forward at their own pace , consistently.

My courses are usually 9-10 months and there are several Payment options.

You can always come to a trial class with no commitment.

I allow anyone who misses a class to take a make up class for up to 3 months in any of my other groups (including on zoom if it is too far to travel.)

I am always open for communication and in cases of sudden emergencies or for personal reasons in certain cases I will freeze your contract.

(If you let me know in advance of travel plans I can arrange for you to commit to only 1 or 2 months.)

If I cancel a class you may choose class credit or a full refund.

Because I learned how to dance while travelling, DVDs were indispensable to me , why? Because in my experience- in order to grow and progress we need outside stimulus to maintain a routine. It is proven that daily practice , even for a short amount of time , is far more beneficial than an hour or two once a week

When we’re learning something it helps to have someone to kick our butt!! It takes time for new neural pathways to form in the brain and so, hearing constant cues scientifically speeds up that process . For example- now when I practice I hear my teachers in my head saying “shoulders down! Engage your pelvic floor muscles, breathe , smile ..etc

We are 3 Dimensional and INTER-dimensional beings! Therefore – I do not recommend studying ONLY online. It is crucial , especially at the beginning that you receive proper instructions for posture and basic movements tailored to YOUR unique body.

.It is much harder to UN-learn a bad habit than it is to learn it correctly the first time. I highly recommend using both tools! Live classes to receive personalised feedback – and online to maintain consistency in your practice. (And dance as much as possible at your own rhythm!) 

Of course! There are so many added benefits to coming to my classes. There is always such strong sisterhoods and life long friendships that form between the women.

I teach first and foremost to get to know our bodies and cultivate practices that support health of body, mind and spirit. I will  provide you with tools & techniques to serve you for a lifetime.

Maybe you just want to keep a sharp mind or work on musicality or need help with a choreography? Maybe you want to try many different dance styles, or feel the benefit of combining yoga and pilates mat work with more feminine circular movements? Whatever your vision-we can tailor classes specifically to your vision and have lots of fun on the way! Private classes with me are 100% your gift to yourself and are absolutely fluid, spontaneous and intuitive. If you wish to change direction in the middle of a session all you have to do is communicate with me and we change directions!

Everybody’s journey and pace is individual. Although having dance inspirations is amazing and will definitely keep you working towards your goals, chances are you will never dance quite like someone else – and even if you do eventually reach the level of your favourite inspiration you will probably have your own unique style and flavour by then. 😉  Most of your idols have spent decades training every single day.

I know I have! I was NOT a physical / sports person and always made fun of people who practiced yoga in my early years! I had to work really hard to achieve the best version of my dance and it is ALWAYS changing and maturing! I have seen some of the most naturally talented dancers burn out while the ones who keep showing up and progressing slowly really seem to stay the distance. If you have high expectations of yourself it will take dedication and commitment . I encourage my students to achieve smaller goals and enjoy the journey more than the destination because learning is fun! Learning plateaus are natural and we need to show up every day rain or shine in order to keep progressing.

As no two women have the same body , facial expressions, emotions or personal background-our bodies’ interpretation of movements will always be slightly different than our sisters’ and that’s the beauty! Striving for harmony while celebrating our different colours and shining our unique light!

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